Long standing hereditary and chronic conditions require preparation, and daily self-care skills to recover from surgery, accidents, physical and emotional abuse and trauma. Relieve suffering by diving deep and surfacing into a fresh start.

Mentored conversations, consultations, discovery sessions open pathways to understand and clear individual history to nourish living in the present. 

Restore refreshed health choices with commitment, willingness and positivity. Advance lifestyle changes with healing diets, self treatment therapies and skills.

Prepare for and experience a 4 month curated Inner Ecology Program to heal, rejuvenate and renew a daily lifestyle of balanced wellness.

Chose step-by-step sessions or enroll in the program. Your choice!

1. Consultation and Discovery Conversational Sessions.
2. Healing Diets Independent Study Course and Ebooks.
3. Iris Analysis Education from iris photos or in-personal session.
4. Advance preparation of self and home for the Self Healing Program.
5. Healing Diets and Self Care & Self Treatment Education
6. Inner Ecology 3 Month Self Healing Program of personal herbal nutrients, teas and flower essences, healing diets, self-care skills, and self healing treatments educational mentoring guidance. 


Curated Mentored Inner Ecology Balance

Self Healing Chronic &
Trauma Recovery

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Personally Curated
Self Healing Journeys

Personally Curated Self Healing Journeys

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