Receive an Iris analysis constitutional education from Farida Sharan ND, renowned world evolutionary educator, author of Iridology books and practitioner of over 10,000 irises.

Experience how your Inner Ecology displays valuable information from the colors, textures and patterns in your irises, your control panel for discovering what is happening in your inner world. 

Discover how your unique and wonderful self processes your multi-level life experience in interaction with the Outer Ecology of life in this world. 

Explore your constitutional strengths and weaknesses of organs, glands and tissues and receive guidance toward a longevity lifestyle path.

Full iris photo instructions, 2 online books. Farida recommends streaming the Iridology Introduction & Iridology Constitutions Vimeo lecture DVD's for deeper understanding of your iris analysis and a potential career by purchasing the Iridology 1986 from the direct links list of books in the footer of each website page.


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Personally Curated Self Healing Journeys

Personally Curated
Self Healing Journeys

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1. Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy eBook
2. Dance With Cancer eBook
3. Iris Constitutional Analysis Report.
4. Constitutional Lifestyle Adjustments Guidance Report


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