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Healing Diets



Herbal Medicine

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Certification Courses

Options for Professional Online Training:

Receive personal mentoring with Farida Sharan as you study the noble lineage of naturopathic wisdom and establish the foundation for your professional career.

Comprehensive professional training that includes embodied personal self healing with school founder, Farida Sharan. Inspire clients as a living example of wisdom, experience and compassionate understanding.


Reflexology L2

Natural Physician

Reflexology L1

Healing Diets

Herbal Medicine



Diploma Courses

Options for Professional Diploma Training:

Healing Diets

All 3 Courses


Herbal Medicine

Self Healing 

Independent Study

Explore. Experience. Evolve.

Study Keys For Becoming Independently Healthy.
Receive the same course materials, books and DVD's as Certificate and Diploma students for study, reference, inspiration and personal evolution with this affordable un-mentored option that offers potential for lifestyle and lifework fulfillment and advances in self-healing.

Independent Study materials are not accredited and do not result in any professional qualification or count toward future qualifications. 

Choose step-by-step 1:1 mentored sessions with school founder, Farida Sharan, or commit to a full program to resolve conditions, habits, symptoms and create a wellness lifestyle.


Self Healing

Options for Self Healing Journeys:

Self Healing Chronic & Trauma Recovery

Self Healing Anorexia & Weight Loss

Self Healing Longevity Lifestyle

Personal, Family & Professional

Personal Evolution Session

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